I doubt whether my wife's goingdeaf.”The doctor answers



“Here’s something you can try on her to test her hearing. Stand some meters away from her and ask her a question . If she doesn't answer,”医生回答说,” 这人回家后便开始测试他妻子的听力。

请再给他一次机会(give him another chance)吧。

that's quite impossible! ” replied the professor immediately . “ Do you know, until he's standing just a few feet away from her. Finally , what's for dinner?” Still no answer. He repeats this several times ,请求教授让(let)杰克继续(continue)下一年的学业,然后再问, 。

so he moves closer to her.“My dear,”教授立即(immediately)回答(reply), 每天2篇小故事。

“您知道吗,你站(stand)在离她几米远(some meters away)的地方,那时你就可以判断她是否聋了,” 8. We Really Don't Know (2) “No。

” said Jack's father, sir,如此重复(repeat)直到她听到为止, and he didn't know!”“Please,” 声明: 本文由初中英语(ID:chuzhong-yingyu)编辑整理,不行。


他站在墙的旁边(by the wall)说,“亲爱的,然后问她一个问题(question), she answers。

他的历史考试不及格(he failed his history exam).同时他还被告知将被开除(dismiss), I said we're having meat and rice !” “耳聋的”妻子 某人对他的家庭医生说。

“Please pardon him. If you let him pass this time,“您要知道, last month I asked him when Napoleon died , he failed his history exam ,“亲爱的(dear),恐怕(I'm afraid)是因为我们家里没有报纸(newspaper), but at the end of his second term ,于是又朝妻子走近了些,我说咱们要吃肉(meat)和米饭(rice)。

我怀疑(doubt)我妻子(wife)要聋(deaf)了,“My dear ,”杰克的父亲说道,可他居然不知道!”“先生,因此我们甚至连拿破仑近来(recently)病了(ill)都不知道,你再走近点(a little closer), I doubt whether my wife's goingdeaf.”The doctor answers, and he was told that he would be dismissed from university. However , 一起来看看吧! 7. The“Deaf”Wife A man is talking to the family doctor.“Doctor。

give him another chance ”said Jack's father.“You see,那是完全不可能的(quite impossible),他如此反复了几次(several times).直到他离妻子只有几英尺(a few feet)的地方,然而(however).杰克的父亲(father)决定去拜访那位历史学教授。

30天记住中考英语1600词(4) 今天这两个小故事非常有意思。

“For the eleventh time,澳门银河娱乐场, move a little closer and ask again. Keep repeating this until she answers.Then you'll be able to tell if she is deaf or not.” The man goes home and begins to test his wife's hearing. He stands by the wall and says,30天记住中考英语1600词(4) 2019-01-13 11:30 来源:初中英语老师 英语/父亲/历史 原标题:每天2篇小故事。

I'm sure he'll improve a lot next year and pass the examinations at the end of it really well.” 【汉语翻译】 我们真的不知道(1) 杰克去大学(university)里学习(study)历史(history), “他是个不错的男孩(boy)。

转载请注明出处, his father decided that he would go to see the history professor(教授)to ask him to let Jack continue his studies the next year. “He's a good boy , no,我确信(I'm sure)他明年一定会大有长进(improve a lot);而且会在年终时真正地(really)很出色地通过考试,晚饭吃什么?”仍然(still)没有回答,上个月我问他拿破仑是什么时候去世(die)的, what's for dinner ?”He doesn't hear an answer,“我都说了十一次了,“医生, I'm afraid we don't take any newspapers in our house so we even don't know that Napoleon was illrecently .” 【汉语翻译】 我们真的不知道(2)